Tremar Pottery

A Cornish based pottery, Tremar was based in the village of Liskeard. It only had a short spell in production starting up in 1960 and stopped producing wares in 1985.

Roger and Doreen Birkett were the founders of Tremar Pottery
, when the studio was first opened, Tremar produced items for use in the kitchen and tableware's, these proved exceedingly popular, especially amongst the thousands of tourists that visit Cornwall each year.

With the popularity of Tremar Pottery items rising, this allowed the company to expand in the early part of the 1970's and at it height had three sites producing their wares.

History of Beswick Pottery

James Wright Beswick, with sons John and Gilbert in 1894 founded J. W. Beswick , a pottery manufacturer. Beswick pieces are now very collectable especially the porcelain figurines such as farm animals and Beatrix Potter characters.
The company was based at Longton, Stoke-On-Trent and originally made Staffordshire cats and dogs ornaments.In 1921 James Wright Beswick died but the company continued expanding after his death and in 1934 they started to produce some high quality figurines.

Troika Pottery History

Troika was set up in Cornwall in February 1963 and sadly ceased in 1983.

Benny Sirota and Jan Thomspon along with Leslie illsley each put up £1,000 to lease the Wells Pottery at Wheal Dream in St Ives, Cornwall, they were given three months for the company to succeed.

Originally being a Russian word 'Troika' referred to a carriage drawn by three horses, with three partners and just the sound of the word 'Troika' which they felt sounded like a sharp, angular ceramic which they were planning to produce. Which was in contrast to the current trend (at the time) of soft, functional shapes that was all the rage in the UK.

History of Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff born January 20, 1899 and she died October 23, 1972. She started work at the age of 13 in the pottery industry where she put gold lines onto potteries ware, she soon mastered this and progressed onto painting.

As Clarice Cliff was a very ambitious she soon became skilful in modelling vases,gilding, hand painting pottery pieces, enamelling and banding,.

While working for A.J.Wilkinson of Newport her wide range of skills were recognised and in 1927 she was given her own studio. It was here that Clarice decorated some of the old defective wares in her own freehand patterns. For these she used on-glaze enamel colours, which enabled a brighter palette than underglaze colours. She covered the....

History of Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft a British pottery manufacturer based in Stoke, Staffordshire, and was founded by William Moorcroft.

In 1904 William Moorcroft while he was working at James MacIntyre & Co. designed his first range of pottery ware which became so much a success that it won him the gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition, he called this ware Florian ware.

In 1912, James MacIntyre & Co. closed down his studio, so he set up his own company and moved into his own factory. He produced reasonably priced tableware items. Amongst his many fans was Queen Mary.

History of Wade Pottery

The company was established in 1810 by Henry Hallam and produced ceramic industrial fittings. The company moved to Burslem and it was taken over and called Wade & Colclough in 1867. John Wade started his own company in 1887 called Wade & Co.

Lorna Bailey Collectables

Lorna Bailey was born in 1978, After obtaining a B.Tec National Diploma (Ceramics) she joined her father's business LJB Ceramics who produced Toby Jugs and other painted decorated pottery. Though while at college Lorna did help out at her LJB Ceramics business by painting some of the company wares, it was here at this time she began experimenting with some of her own pieces.

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