Denby Tableware is a popular choice of collectors of Denby Ware, pieces are always in high demand.

Brief History

During construction of a road in Derbyshire, William Bourne, a local businessman examined the clay that the road construction threw up and realised it was really good clay and so in 1806 the making of pottery at Denby began.

It was William's son, Joseph who ran the business and the company steadily grew, but unlike today, they were famous for its ceramic containers (bottles and jars), but as the 1800's came to a end the cost of glass bottle and jars became financially viable so the ceramic containers became less popular, so Denby began producing kitchenware and by the 1920's it was one of the most popular kitchenware that could be found in the homes.

For fans and collectors of Denby an interesting book Denby Pottery 1809-1997: Dynasties and Designers
is available online with a more detailed history.

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