SylvaC and the capital C is deliberate are a brand of British ornamental pottery famous for its figurines of animals and Toby Jugs. The SylvaC company ceased production in 1982 although reproductions of SylvaC pieces were made by third parties after this date.
Founded in 1894 by William Copestake and William Shaw. the company taking the name of Shaw and Copestake. Copestake left in 1895, however, and Richard Hull became Shaw's partner. Hull's son joined in 1936 and in 1938 the Thomas Lawrence Falcon Pottery was bought due to a connection between the daughter and her marriage to Richard Hull.. However, the Shaw and Copestake company maintained its original name right up until the end.

The main SylvaC line throughout its history were figurines of animals, and rabbits in particular. Dogs were also very popular and virtually every breed ended-up being characterised in pottery. Many variations of Toby Jugs were produced, including 'character' versions which celebrated events or tied into product advertising.

Although many colours and glazes were used, most people remember the distinctive orange or green glazes most.

The Sylvan works ceased trading in 1982 and all the records relating to styles and dates of production etc, were destroyed, but through many collectors club, gradually a more detailed catalogue is being created.

SylvaC pieces are not rare; however, they are becoming collectable, and the best pieces can fetch high prices.

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